Do I REALLY need to refridgerate my products?!


Okay yes, I'm exploring this topic because mini fridges are ADORABLE, but I also genuinely have read "best kept in a cool, dry, dark space" on the back of skincare products of mine for years now and for some reason, just assumed that those directions didn't apply to me. Turns out- they did! Some skincare products, makeup, face rollers, masks and all kinds of other goodies are actually best served cold and will actually last longer that way. This is welcome news to me considering I have sensitive, breakout-prone skin and can pretty much throw a rock to the equator from where I live in Miami. Let's REFRIGERATE!


Thought your sunscreen is safest in your beach bag? A warm environment will actually lessen the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Pop this baby in your fridge when you aren't using it to keep it strong.


Eye Cream or Gel:

Some of us wake up with puffy eyes because fluid can build up in the trough of the under-eye area while we sleep. Store your eye cream or eye gel in the fridge to help de-puff in the morning. Cold constricts blood vessels, thereby reducing swelling.


Organic or Natural Products:

Most organic products don't contain any preservatives, parabens or sulfates, which means they typically have a shorter shelf life and a hard expiration date. Store them in the fridge to keep 'em fresh.


Acne Cream/Medications:

Check the back of your acne medication to see if it's best stored cold. Most acne medications also gear toward soothing the skin while healing it and keeping it cold will do just that.


Serums (Including Vitamin C):

Most serums are designed to boost radiance while correcting. The preservative power of cold will help keep your serums strong and efficient!


Face Rollers:

A cold face roller on your skin in the morning is ORGASMIC. Not to mention its an ancient Chinese skincare tradition because it encourages lymphatic drainage (which triggers the skin's natural detoxification process) and increases circulation and relaxes the face muscles. Ummmm need we say ANYMORE?


But before you go throwing everything in your cabinet in the fridge, some products can actually change chemistry if they're in cool temperatures. Fragrance, for example, can actually change scent, and oils and solids can actually become TOO solid if they're kept in an environment that's too cold. General rule of thumb, read the recommendations for storage on the product...and don't assume they don't apply to you 😂

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