Acne and Oily Skin

Glotique acne extractions

Complexed Complexion
Specially curated for our Glogang who have difficulties controlling and maintaining a blemish-free complexion, the "Complexed Complexion" Skin Treatment targets acne and breakouts, texture, and skin irritation. This 60-minute service includes enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, customized products and hydra-jelly mask, LED Blue Light Therapy, and restorative hydration.

For our skin-obsessed Glogang who are looking to super-charge the Complexed Complexion Treatment, we recommend stacking this treatment with a mini-peel. The AHA and BHA compounds found in chemical peels deeply penetrate the skin to not only combat current breakouts but also prevent future congestion. Book your Complexed Complexion with Peel here.

Attack the AC(NE)
Face your acne head-on with our customized Glotique Attack The ACNE Treatment. Designed to target the most stubborn and active acne, this treatment utilizes a powerful blend of acne-fighting products to help address and heal the skin. Attack the Acne is a 90-minute skin service for our clients who truly struggle with their acne and need a professional solution; perfect for teenagers and those struggling with adult acne.