Glow like never before with our custom luxury treatments!




It is time to glow up with THE GLO.

THE GLO is the first step in your skin transformation. This customized skin service begins with an in depth skin assessment and evaluation in which our expert estheticians will pinpoint your skin’s unique challenges and create a care plan with you at the center. Our master estheticians collaborate with you to formulate the perfect combination of products, masks, and modalities for a truly tailored experience.  

THE GLO may include skin treatments such as DiamondGlo, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Ultrasound or RF Treatment, Hot and Cold Therapy Treatment,  Hydra-Facial, Chemical Peel, Hydro-Jelly Mask,Oxidization Treatment and facial sculpting massage. 

Attack the Acne

Face your acne head on with our customized Glotique Attack The ACNE Treatment.

Designed to target the most stubborn and active acne, this treatment utilizes a powerful blend of acne fighting products to help address and heal the skin.

Attack the Acne is a 90 minute skin service for our clients who truly struggle with their acne and need a professional solution; perfect for teenagers and those struggling with adult acne.

*If acne is chronic we recommend clients consult their dermatologist before booking.  

Flawlessly Flawless

Pack The Ultimate Glo in a vile and you’ll get the Flawlessly Flawless.

Complete with all the elements of the Ultimate Glo- the Flawlessly Flawless includes our signature GloDrops. This customized skin service is nourishing, hydrating, firming, and brightening. Our master estheticians formulate your unique blend of GloDrops to give your skin all the nutrients and vitamins needed to achieve a long lasting glow.

The Flawlessly Flawless can include any of the following: Custom GloDrops, DiamondGlo, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Ultrasound Treatment, Hot and Cold Therapy, Hydra-Facial, Chemical Peel, Hydro-Jelly Mask, Oxidization Treatment, and facial sculpting massage.

Time/Less Skin

We’ve found the fountain of youth in the TIME/LESS SKIN treatment. This truly tailored skin service was designed to keep our Glogang looking youthful and radiant at each and every major milestone event. Our master estheticians begin this service with a skin assessment and care plan designed with both your skin goals and upcoming events in mind.

The Timeless Skin is made complete with ASTRODOME O2 and LPE (Light Pulse Energy) combined with NIR (near infrared) Anion and Oxygen Therapy that allows for deep penetration of all our custom products. 

The Timeless Skin may include the following: DiamondGlo, LED Light Therapy, Ultrasound Treatment, MicroCurrent, Hydra-Facial, GloDrop Treatment, Growth Factor Therapy, Radio Frequency Treatment, Oxidization Treatment, and facial sculpting massage.