Chemical Peels


Three brown glass bottles containing different skin peel treatments with the title "Peel Like a Snake With Our...Chemical Peels"

Known and loved by our expert estheticians, world renowned dermatologists, and celebrities alike- chemical peels deeply penetrate the skin and solve for a multitude of skin concerns.



A close up of a female with brown eyes looking into the camera, her skin has freckles and she is lighting touching the side of her face, spotlighting Glotique's "Custom Chemical Peel" treatment


Each chemical peel is specially tailored to address individual client’s unique needs. Ranging from superficial to medical grade, our chemical peels target different layers of the skin and can be combined to create transformative skincare solutions. 

Chemical peel skin treatments are 45 minutes long and can be used to combat acne, sensitive skin, pigmentation, dullness, and fine lines and wrinkles.




A close up of a female nose and mouth, a glossy shine is on her lips, highlighting Glotique's "Dermaplaning and Chemical Peel" combination treatment


Looking for flawlessly smooth skin? Stack Dermaplaning with our specially curated Chemical Peels for a truly radiant glow.




a close up of half of a female's face, her brown eye looking into the camera, she has some freckles, spotlighting "Complexed Complexion and Chemical Peel" treatment


Combine our Complexed Complexion with our chemical peel for a deeply transformative skin treatment.

Recommended for clients with active acne, this 90 minute combination service is a full facial decongestion session complete with lengthy extractions and a chemical peel.