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Welcome to the Glow School

Give Your Aesthetic Practice a Glow Up

Feeling stagnant in your practice? Looking to take your business to the next level? This is for you...

The Glow School is where proven skin professionals transform their careers. It is the intersection of talent and expert mentorship. This program was specially designed for estheticians who crave both a deeper knowledge of skin solutions and business acumen.

In this virtual program, we’ll be glowing up your skin practice from start to finish, including a deep dive into proper education and technology, better business practices, and business scaling and sustainability.


Modules provide an in-depth look at: 

  • Proper and continued education
  • Improving your service offerings
  • Investing in the right technology 
  • Perfecting the client experience
  • Scaling your business

Learn with our Founder Rochelle Bajana Here