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Welcome to the sports of the beauty biz...SPECIAL EVENTS! That's right, everything from the bachelorette party to the wedding, your next red carpet event, your next date night, or even just the next time you plan to flex on the 'gram.  We have all the tools you need to glam it up and SLAY all your pics! 

Schedule a consultation with one of our glow gang leaders to put a plan in place.


Wedding Packages at The Glotique


Planning the big day? CONGRATULATIONS beauty queen!

We know you're feeling excited, overwhelmed, a bit of anxiety, and pure joy to be planning, oh I don't know, THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE (no big deal!) Let us simplify the process for you, our glow gang leaders can give your skin a game plan to make sure that highlight is POPPIN on your big day. Schedule a consultation to find out how to keep that skin in line during the planning process because let's face it, one less decision is SO necessary right now (and hey, you deserve it)  Schedule a "Game Day Glow Plan" for a full consultation.

Did we say Congratulations yet?!