Glo on the Go

Glotique Glowing Skin

For our busy GloGetters that are committed to the GLOW in 60 minutes or less!

Fresh Sesh

The "Fresh Sesh" is a non-invasive, no downtime required skin service that provides a radiant glow for our GloGetters who need a quick boost. Treatment time is an efficient 45-minutes and is highly recommended for our jet setting clients that need to be in and out. Fresh Sesh does not include extractions or other potentially irritating skin services; add-ons can be included depending on skin conditions and goals. Our recommend add-on pairing is the O2 Dome to add an effortlessly fresh and youthful appearance to the complexion. 20 minutes of oxygen can speed healing time, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote collagen production.

The Standard Hydra 

Deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with our signature Glotique Hydrafacial, also known as the Hydra. Based on advanced skin technology, the Hydrafacial rejuvenates the skin through patented suction technology to extract impurities and cleanse the skin. Once cleansed, the treatment infuses active ingredients to transform the skin.

Just Derma-Plane

Say goodbye to excess hair, peach fuzz, and dead skin cells with our "Just Dermaplane" Skin Treatment. Dermaplaning using a precise, medical-grade blade to gently remove and exfoliate the skin to allow for hair removal and better absorption of skincare products. This treatment leaves the skin smooth, even, and bright. The Just Dermaplane is a makeup prep necessity that will leave you with the ultimate Covergirl coverage. Service includes cleanse, foamy enzymatic treatment, light extractions, and choice or custom jelly mask or oxygen therapy. 

For the the most radiant glow, pair Just Dermaplane with our RF Therapy.

Mama Glow

We put the GLO in pregnancy glow with our Mama Glo Skin Treatment. Our specially curated Mama Glo Skin Treatment was designed to keep the skin glowing and in its healthiest state throughout pregnancy. Mama Glo is a 60-minute, custom and pregnancy safe skin treatment. Pair the Mama Glo with our neck and chest add on for an all over glow.

Supermodel Lift: Radiofrequency and Thermal Vitamins Mask

Sculpt, lift, and renew with our radiofrequency and thermal vitamins mask combination service. This rapid treatment is designed for glow-getters looking to achieve supermodel-sculpted skin along with an instant glow!

Glo Sculpt: Microcurrent and Thermal Vitamins Mask

Take your skin to the gym with our Microcurrent and Thermal Vitamins Mask combination treatment. Sculpt and stimulate your skin as you relax during your Microcurrent therapy session and enter the ultimate stage of rejuvenation with our Thermal Vitamin Mask.

LED Light Therapy (45 Minute Session)

Indulge in a powerful LED Light Therapy treatment at the Glotique. This 45-minute session helps soothe and heal the skin through the use of advanced light therapy, customized to your unique skin concerns. This service can be booked as a stand-alone service or paired with our other skin treatments.