Halloween Pop-up with Nails by Aloha Cece

No tricks, just treats with this exclusive Glotique x Nails by Aloha Cece Halloween Collab! 

Give yourself the ultimate treat when you book with international nail artist Cecilia Miura during our Halloween Pop Up at the Glotique October 19-21st. Cece has created stunning and captivating nail art for the last 18 years with designs so magical you won't need a costume this Halloween! 

Before you book:

Let us know the following:

  • Do you need removal? If so, what is the product? Acrylic, hard gel, Apre, soak off gel (ex shellac )
  • What kind of nail art do you prefer? Send us a text with your inspo pic! 
  • Do you want extension?
  • Do you have a broken nail
  • What is your preferred length

Levels of art and time

  • Level one 1-1.5 hr
  • Level two 1.5-2.5 hr
  • Level three 2.5- 4hr


  • One color $100
  • Simple $150~
  • Nail art $179~


  • Gel removal, shellac $10
  • Acrylic /apre removal $20
  • Hard gel removal $30
  • Length medium $10
  • Length long $20
  • Length extra long $30~
  • Nail repair/ nail $15
  • Nail extension/nail $15~


  • Apre extension $90
  • Hard gel extension $120

Click HERE to book your nail service during our Halloween Pop-up!