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Glotique Body Contouring
Glow from head to toe with our signature Glotique body treatments... 
Body-ody-ody Peel
Your skin is your body’s largest organ, don’t forget to give it some love too! Our Chemical Peels are tailored for different skin types and concerns including acne, keratosis pilaris, pigmentation, sun damage and premature aging.

The Body-Ody-Ody Peel is 75 minutes and is indicated for hands, arms, back, chest, feet, under arms, and buttock. 

We Got Your Back
Body acting naughty? Acne and texture on your back and chest?  We’ve got your back! Our master estheticians are specially trained to glow up your body with our customized treatments to smooth, tone, detox, and brighten your back, arms, and chest. 
Rock Your Body
Completely transform the appearance of your body with our Rock Your Body Detox Treament. This 90 minute treatment includes steam, extractions, high frequency therapy, and a custom body peel for a head to toe glow.
Get Snatched
Contour your body with our Get Snatched Body Contouring that combines bi-polar radio frequency, vacuum massage, and infrared light technology. This blend of therapies improves blood flow and circulation while promoting lymphatic drainage to not only smoothen and tighten the skin but also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Get Snatched Body Contouring Treatment is crucial in post-surgery care and recovery as it works to prevent the formation of scar tissue known as fibrosis. 8 - 10 sessions are highly suggested for maximum results in combination with a healthy lifestyle.  Do not book this service if you have the following contraindications: pace maker, varicose vein Please email, call or text for consultation with our body technician (there is a $50 consultation fee that can be used towards treatment plan) 
Unlock clear skin from head to toe with the Glotique Hydrafacial Back Treatment, the Hydra Back. The Hydra Back utilizes hydrafacial technology paired with lymphatic drainage, extractions, and infusion of active ingredients like peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants to reveal clear skin.